Intuition, the God Force inside of you

In this blog and video Joe DiBianca talks about the God force Intuition inside of you! The God Force inside of you is your intuition and we all have it. It’s that little voice inside, that feeling you get. So why is it that so many do not listen to their god force? Learn how to tap into your inner voice, your god force power.

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is called the sixth sense because it is a response to information received from your immediate environment. It is a sense and can be relied upon with some level of certainty, like the other senses. Its accuracy comes from early learning as far back as infancy. This is true of all six senses: when we are born we don’t know what the information received by our senses means. We have to learn it through experience: trial and error.

Just like the other senses, intuition can be re-trained to be more accurate. A person born deaf is perfectly capable of learning to hear after receiving a cochlear implant. But they cannot do so if they are surrounded by noise and misinformation. Likewise, retraining your intuition requires the elimination of noise (random or obsessive thinking) and misinformation (conclusions based on lies or wishful thinking).

A final point is that intuition is based on your current experience and is not reliable at predicting the future. If we see someone running with scissors we might predict that they are going to hurt themselves, but we can’t be certain that they will. Likewise with intuition we might infer some future occurrence based on what we perceive, but the abstractions, expectations, and correlations we use to make a prediction may be incorrect.

Intuition is a sense and can be integrated with other senses to provide valid information about our experience. However it is not always accurate, because none of our senses are.

Trusting Your Intuition

Intuition to me is another word for good judgement. If you’ve ever listened to any personal development tapes or read any blogs before than you’ve probably heard this phrase. If you haven’t then, I hope I can help you learn a little from it.

“Good decision making skills come from good judgement. Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement!”

Essentially, you need to make decisions often. Make decisions about anything and everything you can. You find out how good your decision making skill is by first seeing where you are. When you make decisions, also be aware of the results that come from those decisions and learn from them. Your judgement and intuition will increase over time with the application of making many decisions and learning from the results.

7 key ways to be more intuitive:

  1. Give yourself time to look at the data. Reflect. Pay attention to the patterns and relationships.
  2. Take walks in nature.
  3. Relax. Take a warm shower. (this is a really great creativity and problem solving method in my experience)
  4. Play
  5. Journaling. Writing down ideas, for instance when you are about to sleep. (note: this may cut into your sleep, so this part of the recommendation comes with both risk and potential reward).
  6. Being self-reflective about your decisions (although not overly critical).
  7. Develop your intuition skills over time. Its something that often grows and matures after practice, coaching, and feedback (aka deliberative coach)

The Takeaway:

Go with your instincts. Don’t second guess yourself. The more you follow your instincts and intuition the stronger it gets. Being aware of energy you put out and other people’s energy or just energy around you makes you more aware.

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