Mindset Mentor


A Little About Me

Grew up in Philadelphia and spent summers as a child in Southern California where I gained my entrepreneurial mindset from my dad’s side of the family. I did whatever it took to be a free agent – paint houses, dog training, restaurant business, shoe design & imports, network marketing.

My Dad was a fucking rock star! I call him my saving grace. He showered me with constant love and praise all the time. We were one. My mom on the other hand was not capable of giving love or receiving love. She resented me for being born. She always made me feel less than and not good enough, called me stupid and told me I would never succeed. There was someone else who was always better than me.

I was bullied as as a kid and as if that wasn’t enough I was sexually violated in every single way imaginable by a guy in the neighborhood between the ages of 9 and 12 who also violated most of the boys in my neighborhood. The anger, resentment, guilt, shame that permeated my entire being led to addiction, XXX

Oddly enough, that great tragedy, turned out to be one of the greatest gifts of my life and is the thing that motivates me most in my work with others. I feel it has enabled me to be able to more compassionate and able to create a safe space for others to be vulnerable knowing that I understand their pain.

Some of My Favorite Things

I am a dad and I love spending time with my daughter, Elle (now 14).  She is the sunshine in my life.

I love the city – any big city. NYC and LA are my favorites. I love the action, the noise, the movement. I find romance in big cities.  I find peace in cities. I can sit in Soho with my back against a wall, with the sun shining on my face, close my eyes and feel completely safe.

I am an avid learner and I read constantly, I devour books. Night and day!

I love food! Fine dining is an art form to be appreciated. And as much as I love the experience of dining out, I also love all aspects of the food business- the energy, the food, the people, the pace. I have always had my hand in the restaurant biz and still do to this day. It gives me the freedom to design my life exactly how I want.

Did I mention shoes? Shopping and lunch always go together! I could talk bags and shoes with the best of them! I’m very high maintenance!

My Clientele

I  attract clients who have an intense desire for change but are not exactly sure what needs to shift to get to where they want to go. Often there are layers of buried events and emotions that are so far removed that they are unable to connect all the dots. Many of my clients are women who have been abused, who have not stepped into their power and who have not had a safe container to guide them through the essential phase of transformation.

I started on the path to work through my own stuff. I was tired of feeling stuck and not knowing why. I hired a coach who I have studied with Jeffery Combs since 2011, who taught me about emotional addictions, shame guilt, anger, anxiety, shame, feelings of not good enough.

I worked through my shit and finally let go after years of resistance. Over 7 years and thousands of hours, I became his protege and began traveling with him all over the East & West Coast. I have mastered an ability to understand why people do what they do, addictions and the power of cause and effect which has become the cornerstone of my craft.

I have been a successful entrepreneur and understand the importance of clearing our emotional baggage in order to be truly abundant in all areas of our lives. I am passionate about working with others who are committed to getting out of their own way and building the business of their dreams.

Choosing someone to work with to unravel personal limiting behaviors and beliefs can be a very vulnerable process. I believe that it’s important to work with someone you trust and go deep. Many of them women I work with have been violated and gain tremendous healing from having a safe male to imprint new healthy patterns.

I have developed a keen sensitivity, I believe from my own experience of violation, that has given me an innate ability to recognize self limiting beliefs and mindset. As a mentor I create a safe space for my clients to honestly look at the stories that hold them back and work with them to literally rewire themselves mentally and physically to let their light shine through.

If you feel inspired to work together let’s set a time for a chat to see if we are a good fit. I am seeking clients who are ready to embody the fullness of who they truly are.

“Joe DiBianca is an exceptional man, I have received the privilege of personally mentoring and coaching for the last several years. Joe is without a doubt the top Protege I have coached in my 21 year coaching career. Joe’s insight on healing, recovery, addictions, life skills and business skills is the reason you deserve to hire him as your coach or book him as your keynote speaker. Joe is a first class human being that I highly endorse and also call my friend.”   

– Jeffrey Combs