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When I decided to work with Joe, I was living in a state of codependency which perpetuated feelings of self-doubt, lack of self-worth, and made me want to hide from prospecting. Given that my job relied on prospecting in order to attain success, I was ready to make the necessary changes and face what was really going on.

Within a few sessions – I already started to notice changes. I took what I learned from Joe and began applying it to my life religiously. The fear of prospecting began to end; my voice became more powerful; and I was no longer held down by past events. My life became much more open, and opportunities began to flourish. Clients were not showing up at my door – but I was showing up at their door, and I was going after what I knew I truly deserved.

I highly recommend working with Joe DiBianca; he is a fantastic coach and will get you to the place you need to be for your business to flourish. Working with Joe dramatically changed my business, my personal life, and most importantly – me.

– Madison Leopold

Joe has been my life/mindset coach for a number of months now and I am honored to share about my experience. I have been through some very traumatic events in my life. Including childhood trauma, mental, physical, and sexual abuse leading into my adult years. I have spent hundreds of dollars at Psychology offices and was not getting the advice and support I needed.

From my first initial session with Joe (a free phone call long distance) I immediately knew this was what I needed. Joe is a very knowledgeable man, not just in textbook, but personal life experience. Joe has successfully risen above some of the same exact trauma that I experienced. There is an unspeakable value when the person helping you to break through bondage of abuse, has been there themselves. Not just read about it in a book.

Joe has helped me to view the experiences I went through, in truth. To not let them define me. To breath. To release those toxic things we naturally tend to hold onto, because it’s what we’re used to. To walk in my peace as that is my power. To not engage with aggressive or negative people who are not walking in peace. To rise above. To believe in myself.

As I have taken what Joe has taught me, I have had so many break throughs! If you are looking to grow personally in any area, I highly recommend Joe as a life/mindset coach. If you have experienced abuse, Joe will understand and help shine light in those painful dark places that are trying to keep you small, average and disappointed. If you are reading this, than you have taken the first step already. Don’t stop here, you will not regret it.

– Danielle Hahn

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